In considering the question: Where does Catlettsburg’s churches stand on fifty-eight years-58 continuous years, of violating the Commonwealth’s statutes relative to bootlegging, bookmaking and gambling… all with the approval of every mayor and the majority of every council elected or appointed since 1953, the last “dry” vote.

In 2007, Catlettsburg and rural Boyd County voted “moist.” Only one license has been issued…and the bootleggers have doubled.

Due to a gentleman’s question on this matter, who stated, surely the churches and the local authorities would not have allowed this to be all these 58 years. He was informed I had written to all the churches…fifteen (15) in all by counting the Church of God at Paddle Creek. And, I informed him I had no response from even one. This was 6 months ago, weeks before the last election.

His questions were valid. They need answering. In the next few weeks there will be an attempt to answer some of them. I do not know all the answers, but I do know the questions to ask whom, when,where, why and how, …and those I believe to be the “joint enablers” of it all.

Perhaps some of those church pastors, reverends or teachers may have said something, done something or discussed doing something…I do not know, but I would surely have appreciated knowing someone did or said something.


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